Friday Afternoon Fun...

Wow! What a week. Dick Cheney is the "Highlander", existing without shape or form, created from nothing while being everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Rahm Emanuel finally grows a pair, and challenges the Highlander to mortal combat a.k.a. "cut funding to the OVP" - and loses. What else happened - oh yeah, Bushie's immigration bill takes a shit.

That stuff isn't fun, but hopefully this stuff is (at least to me).

Credit where credit is due...

"In this world gone mad, we won't spank the monkey...The monkey will spank us!"

I love I probably couldn't get on a plane with a turkey sandwich.

Jeebus...steer clear!

Peace out folks!


Let's pretend...

...that this clip actually says O'Reilly at the end.

Prairie Dog: I want YOU Bill O'Reilly!!!

O'Reilly: Alright, Turn his mic off...get'em outta here. Stupid prairie dogs...probably part of a sleeper cell.

Prairie Dog: This isn't over by a damn sight, O'Reilly!

Look for the next installment coming soon.

Beyond Appalling...

This story is so universally disturbing that while I was reading it, I could literally feel a piece of me die. Shakes does a great job of commenting so I'm not going to beat around the proverbial bush here. But one thing I will add, is that I'm ashamed that not every single person in the court room, short the despicable judge and the gaggle of subhuman shitheads that was the defense, wasn't thrown out court as well as arrested for contempt. I would like to think that I sure as shit would have been.


News Flash...Paris is Out!!!!

And apparently the never disappointing dumbasses over at Faux & Friends spent the entire morning talking about it. There's a fuckin' surprise!

I'm just glad I don't watch Faux because I'm sure I would be in the hospital right now if I had to watch those three morons waxing philosophical about Paris Hilton's horrendous twenty-three day jail term.

What. The. Crap?

Well, so much for Bushie being "tough" on Teh Terra'. This new report by the GAO would seem to indicate the exact opposite, so what the fuck is going on over at DHS?

Here's the really sad part, folks: Even with the release of this report - you can bet that the next time one of the neo-cons is giving a speech about how "tough on terror" they have been (they being the neo-cons, you know - the ones who think habeas corpus is an antiquated notion, and that torturing people is great), and how voting for Democrats is like voting for the terrorists to win, their followers (I refuse to use the word supporter for people with such a cult like mentality) will erupt into thunderous applause every other sentence.

All the while, it would seem these a-holes are actually trying to let this country get attacked again, because by now, most (~70%, still not good enough!) the citizenry is sick of their unconstitutional and almost traitorous rhetoric. They know that the constant portrayal of Republican military and national security (pseudo-) prowess in the media, while the media constantly portrays the Dem's as militarily weak, would cause a major shift in public sentiment if we were attacked again.

When it comes to the 2008 Presidential Campaign, only one politician (and this is in no way an endorsement for this man, I find his new found spinelessness despicable) has actually been to war, John McCain. Yet, the Republican candidates can't seem to STFU about how they want to start even more conflicts in the Middle East and God knows where else - with America's mayor actually suggesting we intervene with nuclear weapons.

It seriously blows my mind how anyone...and I mean ANYONE!!!....with an I.Q. above 70 actually takes anything these people say with anything more than a grain of salt. Well not really, that such palaver is allowed to go unchecked is nobody's fault but the main stream media. When Bill O'Reilly is given an hour a day to talk about how the going's on in a Colorado high school are part of the Secular Progressive movement's plan to destroy America, but actual journalists like Lara Logan and Michael Ware are given minutes a day to discuss the Iraq war - part of the neo-cons' increasingly apparent plan to destroy America...Well, if you're not seeing my point by now, consider yourself part of the problem.


Friday Afternoon Funzies!!!

New title. Same ol' shit!

Not the biggest fan of cats, but this is pretty funny,

(Via FDL and YouTube)

Alright, enough of that B.S. Let's make with Teh funny,

Okay, this isn't funny, but I just found it and it's frickin' awesome.

One of my colleagues clued my into this one this week - I, personally, think this is about as funny as two bear cubs trying to hump a football!

Villans are stupid!

Yeah!!! This one is kinda' funny...

Peace out folks!




Love it, other than having to listen to Cenk sing.

That would be the ultimate dream ticket. However, you can bet your sweet ass that if those two pair up, Bloomberg and Hagel will soon be coerced into joining the party and really fuckin' shit up. We can't let this happen...I'm serious...I can't take another four years of having another neo-con dumbass holding one of the most powerful jobs in the world...I can't - I won't. It's wrong...It's wrrrroooonngggggg!



If you're the type of person who is offended by immature people having fun with flatulence, than I would suggest you not click on the embedded videos below.

I had damn near forgot about these clips, and somehow I came across one whilst wasting my life away on this series of tubes. And yes, I almost feel guilty posting something this infantile; however, I just don't give a shit. For some odd reason I think this is funnier than hell.

Seriously, if you are too pretentious to laugh at a good fart joke (especially one involving a jackass of such unimaginable magnitude as Robert Tilton!) than do not click on these friggin' clips.

Ohhh, sometimes I am shocked by my own seemingly limitless immaturity. By the way, I'm currently having a hell of a time getting the second video to embed, you can go here to watch it.

Make Ready Teh Crazy...

Ann Althouse has lost her frickin' mind (via TRex at FDL)

Clinton Derangement Syndrome in total overdrive. As TRex puts it:

Boy, I bet Jessica Valenti is relieved by this development. Looks like we now have conclusive proof that the whole Unpleasantness from last fall was just a spasm of Althouse’s mania to compulsively eroticize anything and anyone (apparently up to and including innocent foodstuffs) that is unlucky enough to be photographed with Big Dog. I wonder if Ms. Valenti realizes now that she could have been wearing a blouse made of prepared vegetables and the reaction would have been exactly the same.

Wow! Just when you think the batshit-craziness is starting to die down, someone comes around with a piece of pseudo-logic so brilliantly NOT thought out that Bushie himself would be hard-pressed to out-dumbassify.


Well. This is unnerving...

I've been hoping that this whole "Bush is planning a hostile takeover" of the United States was just overzealous liberal hyperbole that has been taken too far by some of my sisters and brothers here on the left. After reading this post I will link to below, I am now prepared to agree with them - there is officially cause for concern. Check it out.

For what fucking purpose do we need Halliburton building detention centers on American soil? It's high time we all start cluing people in to the fact that we are being led by a group of madmen and their psychopathic corporate masters.

More to come on this.


Well Let's See It...

Joe Lieberman, you say that "we" have incontrovertible evidence that the Iranians are training Iraqi insurgents that are "crossing the border" and killing American soldiers? And that we should "take aggressive military action to stop it"? Well, let's frickin' see it. First of all, who the hell is "we"? Or is this the same kind of evidence that led us to believe that Saddam had WMDs. I got some news for you, Joe...Just because you say something is "incontrovertible" doesn't make it so. You sons-of-bitches have been lying to us for the past five years about your fucking intelligence reports and the consequences of these lies have cost the American people an unfathomable amount of detriment. It's high fucking time you a-holes stop with the bullshit and start actually providing some "boots on the ground" intel before you go out and start trumpeting the call for war. You want to attack Iran - Then send YOUR kids, YOUR grandchildren, YOUR brothers and sisters, YOUR nieces and nephews because until you realize that war isn't some manifestation of violence that you can watch on CNN when you want to, and then turn off when you can't stomach anymore, then you have no place to suggest that we should be attacking anyone. You're a coward Joe Lieberman, and you are bad for the United States of America.

The saddest part of this whole story is that chickenhawks like Lieberman are still given viable media outlets with which they can spew this ridiculous HORSESHIT! Put up or shut up because no one is buying it anymore. No more blank checks shithead.


Another Gleaming Example...

...Of "compassionate conservatism". OMG! This is classic. A free beer to the first person who guesses the political party affiliation of the puncher compared to that of the punchee.

Photo Courtesy of CNN via AP

One of my office mates might be on to something here. When asked to comment on the story he said, "Let's put it this way - with the fists flying, at least it's more honest." I may not wholeheartedly agree with that, but...Hey, at least it's honest!

I'm Okay, Bernie Shaw Says So...

A few months ago I was bitching (hard to believe) about the apparent decline of CNN's substance reporting to a point where the network is now hovering just above Faux News in the quality of their journalistic integrity, which had a few of my more moderate friends questioning my sensibility. Well, at least I know I'm not alone.

Bernard Shaw, the man who became famous during the first Gulf War, which pretty much made the network the powerhouse it now is, has come out to say that he is "...very, very disappointed with the way the news management at my favorite network (CNN) has gone." - Comparing the recent antics of CNN to those of Faux News. Indeed, Mr. Shaw.

So one of the former top anchors at CNN has decided that his alma mater is now parroting one of the most despicable "news" (wink, wink) organizations in the country, while the shitheads over at Murdoch and Ailes' brainchild continue to tout the fallacy that Faux News is the most "Fair and Balanced" 24 hour news network.

Of course, there's always the chance that George Soros gave Bernard a kagillion dollars to slam his former employer, which if that is the case, I'm sure it won't be long before Bill O' and his (butt) "crack" investigative team come up with another flow chart showing how the "secular progressives" are trying to bring down the "white, Christian, male, power structure".

Yeah, that would be a real shame if anything happened to the white, Christian, male, power has been so good to us for the last six years.


It's official...

The last few brain cells have up and departed the entire production staff and hosts at Fox & Friends. I knew I was going to regret clicking on this link before I did, but I just couldn't help myself...It was like a giant red button with the words "Don't Push" written on it. And several seconds later I was once again fighting off an aneurysm while trying to convince myself that this whole Fox & Friends thing is just some kind of sick joke that has gone on for too long. Sadly, it isn't.

Fox Host Compares Paris Hilton Jail Stay To Abu Ghraib


Make the hurt stop. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "I've heard more thoughtful commentary after waking up under a beer pong table on the fourth morning after a three day drinking binge."