I had pretty much resigned myself to not writing anything until after the new year. I've been suffering from a bit of outrage fatigue lately. But...BUT...when dickheads go and do something so egregious that I literally consider impaling myself on a thorn bush, I feel that I must share.

What could be so bad as to awake from this slumber that I've been in...

The New York Fuckin' Times hired William "The Bloody" Kristol as a columnist. ??? Opposing voices aside, this man is a psychopath. The editor of the Times justified this by saying that he felt the need to give all sides a forum to explain their beliefs. Okay...fine...You know what, this might actually help us because Bill Kristol is just that fucking crazy that people may actually start to realize that the neo-fuckwits are not good for the country after reading his bile. Let him write, I say. However, I will no longer be purchasing any more NYT's.

Update: Billy finds it amusing that Liberals heads are "exploding" over his hiring...You know what, go ur thing

McLaughlin Group on Mitt Wrongney

Pat Buchanan gives him an A and an A for performance and style, respectively. There's a fuckin' surprise!!! All this shit about "secularism" becoming a powerful religion is starting to chap my ass - all that bullshit was started by assholes like Bill O'Reilly as a distraction from actual news. It plays on religious peoples' emotions and gets them so worked up that they don't bother to process actual information about their so-called "pious" candidate. Hey, "he said he's religious and that's good enough for me". Dumb.



I just lost what little remaining respect I had for Iowa's Republicans:

Poll: Huckabee opens up commanding lead in Iowa

W - T - F? I didn't think it possible to be more clueless than our current commander-in-chimp, but Huckabee is making me doubt myself - and yet, he is the leading candidate in the first primary state. Gnarly!

HEY IOWANS! You do realize that this guy is a foreign policy moron coupled with a reckless political asshole, don't you? For the love of Mary, in the past week he has proved that he doesn't know his ass from his elbow when it comes to global politics. On top of that, he thinks that a serial rapist, who also happens to be a confessed murderer, received to stiff a prison sentence - only to release said rapist/murderer so he could go on to rape and murder some more women. I understand you Republicans don't have much to chose from (kinda the shit-sandwich/giant douche paradox), but surely you could find someone better than the "God made my poll numbers go up" - I'm Christ incarnate candidate.

I'd blame the MSM for not getting the clusterfuck that is Huckabee's past out there, but they have more important "news" to cover:

Side note: I don't know if I'm more excited to see who wins the Democratic nomination, or which ass-clown takes home the GOP crown.



Just now got to checking Dispatches at ScienceBlogs today, when I read one of the funniest things I've seen in awhile. I'm going to post Ed Brayton's introduction as well as an excerpt from a WorldNutDaily post regarding the passing of a new bill in CA involving sexual orientation discrimination in public schools:

The religious right's histrionics over SB 777, the new law in California that prohibits discrimination in public schools on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, just keep getting more and more ridiculous. This article at the Worldnutdaily about Christian parents pulling their kids out of public schools so they don't catch The Gay is a perfect example. Take a look at this spin:

Parents in California have started reacting to the state's newly mandated homosexual indoctrination program by pulling their children out of classes, and state Superintendent of Public Instruction Jack O'Connell is warning districts they'll lose money if that happens.

Oh! Sweet Jeebus is that frickin' hilarious. "Homosexual indoctrination program." It gets better:

"With the passing of SB 777, a Christian parent cannot, in good conscience, send their child to a public school where their child will be taught or coerced into a lifestyle or belief system that is contrary to the faith they hold dear," Kanter told WND.

Told ya! Why does this always revert to these fuckwits claiming that such issues put their dearly held faith in danger? For the love of God, the very idea of faith is such that those of true faith cannot be "coerced into a lifestyle or belief system that is contrary to the faith they hold dear". If they're so worried about their kids being led astray, they obviously haven't done their jobs as parents when in comes to instilling "good moral values" in their children. (My idea of"Good moral values" as they relate to these folks will have to wait for an entirely different post.) And God forbid their kids every actually formulate any opinions of their own that might be contrary to their dearly held "faith". Let's call this shit what it is: These folks are pissed because now they actually have to do a little more parenting to keep their kids from "hatin' on teh gays". That and if one of their kids actually is gay or transgender and decides to come out, well then they will have to put up with God knows what kind of abuse from their Christian...wink , wink Brothers and Sisters.

How Christ-like of these Christians.


This is the Cream of the GOP Crop?

The Hucksters been taking a lot of hits this week on...well...quite a bit.

To recap:

- He released a serial rapist from prison who, upon being released, went on to rape and murder two more people. He released this man despite the requests of several former rape victims not to do so. And let's not forget the fact that this convicted rapist had previously confessed to helping beat a man to death with a claw hammer.

- On Tuesday, Huckabee said he'd never heard of the NIE report. That's just pathetic man. I've got people in my office, who pay attention to the news about as much as I pay attention to celebrity gossip, that were asking me about that particular report.

- Huckabee tries to backpedal, unsuccessfully on MSNBC yesterday, but then abysmally fails the same test for a second time in the SAME week.

Is this just poor preparation or nerves - or is it a lapse in judgment? If it's poor preparation than that alone should be reason enough for this man to not receive a single vote in any election ever again. It's pathetic enough that he's such a fuckwit, but if not a single campaign staff found it prudent to sit him down and explain to him the problem with saying such dumbass things, then imagine who he'll surround himself with as cabinet members. If by some snowball's chance in hell he wins, we're likely to have The Hamburgler as our next Secretary of Agriculture. If it's nerves, do we really want this man to have sole command over America's nuclear arsenal? Maybe he can give Jesus the launch codes for safe keeping so he won't have to worry about it. I'm pretty sure if Christ were alive today he'd be all about preemptive nuclear strikes.

Which brings me to the last possibility - judgment lapse. I think his whole campaign has been one big lapse of judgment. In fact, I think leaving the ministry for politics (and everything he's done since) has been one huge lapse. And if you need any further proof than this week's cacophony of fuck-ups, then consider his last celebrity endorsement was from this guy:

For crap's sake, where does the GOP come up with these assclowns?


It's early. For a moment I thought I had misread this headline, but upon the double take - No! Alas:

Bush told in August that Iran nuke program 'may be suspended'

President Bush was told in August that Iran's nuclear weapons program "may be suspended," the White House said Wednesday, which seemingly contradicts the account of the meeting given by Bush Tuesday. ( my emphasis)

Firstly, I'd like to know exactly what he was told. Based on the way these chumps operate "may be suspended" was likely be the entire NSC and JCS standing in The Oval Office screaming "No nukes...No nukes...No nukes!"

Secondly, "...seemingly contradicts..?" which apparently CNN's new way of saying "the exact freakin' opposite of what the President said on Tuesday". I'm paraphrasing here, but I'm pretty sure Bush said he wasn't told anything about the NIE report until last week other than the report contained information that "needed to be analyzed".

Again, imagine if a Democrat was trying to pull this kind of crap. Thanks CNN. Thanks for slowly becoming the umpteenth mouthpiece of the GOP. Appreciate it!


First He Goes After Doocy, Pisses Off the Kilmeade, And Now...

Looks like this time you pissed off the wrong "m-effers", Billy.

And another great episode of Bill-O making an ass out of himself on the O'Reilly Foot-in-Mouth Factor. The fact that Drowning Pool continuously points out the average age of Falafel Master's audience leaves me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. In the past I would've put these guys in the "Okay, I won't change the station list", but now they just made their way onto my "THESE GUYS ARE FRICKIN' A-W-E-S-O-M-E" list (not that anyone actually gives a shit!).

(via Paddy at Cliff's)

Again, Huckabee Sucks

And here is why, you definitely need to read this:

Documents Expose Huckabee's Role In Serial Rapist's Release

That story makes me sick to my stomach, as it should any decent human being. It's becoming more obvious these days in order to be a successful politician one must surrender any shreds of decency he or she may have ever had. I have so many thoughts racing through my head at the moment that if I were to attempt to get them all written down here I would be typing until this time next week.

I will say this though: If I lobbied for a known serial rapist to be released from prison early and was successful, only to have that man rape and this time murder two more women, one who was pregnant, I think I would probably spend the rest of my life in personal reflection and meditation trying to atone to the families of all the victims and humanity in general for that one unforgivable mistake. This I would do if I could even bear the thought of living anymore.

I would not run for President of The United States of America.


Frank Luntz and Dead Voters

(via Newshounds' Outrageous Quote of The Week):

"The average age of the New Hampshire voter is deceased..."

Making it rather difficult for the average New Hampshire voter to get to the polls.

To be fair Luntz did correct himself saying, "I mean really old." I think Luntz in confusing voters' ages in New Hampshire with the average age of a typical Faux News viewer.

Be sure to vote in this week's poll and don't forget to check out the Outrageous Quote of the Year.

Today's Big Effin' Surprise

President Bush at his press conference today:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush challenged Congress Tuesday to quickly pass war funding legislation before its December holiday recess.

However, the president warned that "if the Congress passes an irresponsible spending bill, I'm going to veto it,"...

Yeah, I know. I'm just as shocked as you are!

Cathy Griffin's Riffs About Emmy Speech

(Drexel Democrats via Dispatches)

This is freaking hilarious...

I laughed almost as hard watching that as I did when watching yesterday's installment of the Westboro Allstars.


Westboro Allstars...

(via Shakes...)

What the hell is wrong with these people? I'll EAT my kids?!? Wow! You've gotta give 'em credit because that one is pretty original: - Watch more free videos

The ironic thing is I actually did eat a baby for breakfast (I took today off so I had some extra time to prepare food this morning). I see a platinum duet in the future:

I'll see you guys in hell.

On a more serious note: I really do pray for that child at the end of the first video. Imagine living life with the idea that God literally hates everyone around you. Didn't he supposedly do something about that in the past - like with a flood or something? would think it's time for another global cleansing already.