Aw shit!

So I'm sitting in my office this morning checking the news as is my usual routine when I came across a rather decent article in McClatchy (about the only U.S. news I can muster the strength to stomach anymore) regarding what can be done to lower gas prices. It's a good article and I suggest that everyone take a peek.

I did find one part of the article a bit troubling, sad, ironic, and in a sick way sort of humorous:

Q: Bush repeated his call Tuesday that new U.S refineries could be built on military bases. Why hasn't this happened?

A: Most military bases are far from the source of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico and the pipeline infrastructure that leads from there. It makes a nice sound bite but isn't a real-world solution.

"What he said today was the equivalent of, 'You are doing a great job, Brownie,' said Verleger, referring to Bush's infamous support of his embattled emergency management chief after Hurricane Katrina.

Actually Mr. Verleger, it was "Heckuva job, Brownie". And if that's case, not only would I expect that gas prices soar to $∞ a gallon in the near future, but that the director of the SPR will actually contract Halliburton to take over management of the reserves, at which point the company will subcontract Blackwater for security, who will subsequently start shooting people at gas stations who aren't filling up their Hummers with the highest octane gas - while these people may not be armed - or even present a threat - they are obviously terrorist sympathizers who hate capitalism because they are using regular unleaded and not shoveling even more of their hard earned money into the pockets of oil executives. Consequently, they deserve to be shot.

As for W suggesting a real-world solution to anything...well, all I can say to that is: Don't hold your breath. The man has become so detached from reality that an episode of "The Real World" provides a more in depth look at "real-world" issues than this man cares to contemplate at this point.


Bad Idea(s) FL

I originally titled this post Bad Idea FL. That was until I was trying to locate the original news outlet that published this CNN article:

Florida considers Christian license plate

...and came across this article:

Senate passes 'Evolution Academic Freedom Act'

What the hell is going on down there in Florida for crap's sake? There are going to start producing Jesus plates, which is troubling enough. Actually, I don't really have a problem with that as long as the state also offers Star of David, Crescent moon, Pentagram, Upside down cross, Voodoo doll plates, etc... You get my point.

And now they are going to let students and teachers raise questions about evolution in class - a measure they say protects students' right to free speech. Which is fine and dandy except that the Supreme Court has already decided that the First Amendment doesn't apply to children in public school. And this ruling regarded a student that wasn't even on public school property. Of course, he was carrying a sign that said Bong Hits 4 Jesus, and was subsequently suspended. I wonder what the Florida legislators sponsoring this bill would have to say about that particular instance of free speech? I'm sure they have some sordid dichotomous talking point that they would throw out when challenged on the issue...just like the bill's sponsor, Alan Hays (R - Whodathunkit?):

"It's not about religion," Hays said. "It's about science."

What science - Intelligent Design? Can you elaborate? I guess the reporter was too busy following "Waffle-gate" or "Gaffe-gate" (Ugh!) to ask anymore questions.

Another law maker is quoted as saying:

"We are not talking about religion...We are talking about the right to critically analyze evolution."

Bullshit! I'm done. Fuck that guy, and fuck the rest of those lawmakers in Florida. I hope your real fucking proud when you're out of doctors down there because your dumb ass kids couldn't get into medical school because they think Jesus rode a dinosaur into Bethlehem. What a bunch of gutless, pandering wankstains.

While we sit around debating dumb shit like this, peoples' lives are being destroyed not only in this country but all over the world. Not to mention the fact that the rest of the modernized world is laughing its ass off about the fact that we actually are wasting time on such debates. This is issue is asinine at its very best.

I believe in God as much as the next person, but there is also something else I believe in very strongly:

Keep your religion out of my government and I'll keep my government out of your religion.

I hate to sound hyperbolic about something that seems so trivial as license plates and the phrasing of a law in a state I'm not even a citizen of, but I'm telling you that we are playing a very dangerous game these days when it comes to being so apathetic about religion and politics becoming so intertwined. Neocons scare the shit out of me, but not even remotely close to as much as theocrats do. Carry on.


I love these guys...

This is the funniest one of these things I've seen in awhile.

"Finally we all got together and said, 'Fuck it. McCain.'...Make up your minds - I need to know who the hell I'm going to vote against."

Sweet Mary. I'm going to be laughing about this clip all day.


Walnuts and The General

The General has been graciously giving St. McCain access to his electric type machine so that the senator can clarify things for all us good heterosexual Christian patriot types. The latest post is here. In this post, Walnuts is responding to a story if Cliff Schecter's new book: The Real McCain, which is basically a collection of anecdotal horseshit meant to defame and humiliate Arizona's grandpa.


Dennis Miller: Still an asshat!

(via Newshounds)

Watch this video clip and I defy you not to despise Dennis Miller.

So Dennis doesn't think Al Gore is relevant? A Nobel Prize winner, a former vice president and presidential candidate. I can think of someone less relevant than all of those things, and that someone is Dennis Miller. By the way, I have had bison and it's a hell of a lot better than beef.

One more thing..."lit like a Jason Bourne fight scene in the former Easter Bloc"? These conservative types are getting desperate and it's starting to show.


Quote of the day...

(I've been busy the last two weeks as I have taken over a new and massive responsibility regarding my research. Things might be light until my schedule gets solidified.)

Today's QOTD comes from Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D - MN) while grilling oil executives who testified before Congress Tuesday via McClatchy:

Cleaver speaking to an oil exec:"The anger level is rising significantly - your approval ratings are lower than ours, and that's damn low."

Ha. You got that right!