TRex... back, by the way.

Another quick thought...who thought up right and left kafka as associated with political leanings? Do I need to Wiki this? We're R-I-G-H-T! They are wrong!

(Pun intended!!!)




By the way...

...tonight is/was Rachel Maddow's big night (9:00 p.m., MSNBC). I forgot to set my DVR, but I've been able to catch most of the show regardless. She's kicking ass as is her wont, but if the show is going to survive, a helluva lot of people are going to have to tune in. libs don't have wingnut welfare trust funds to keep us in the main stream. Even though we all are elitist snobs with way too much education.

? (In which I swear at the image on the monitor) (Updated*)

A screen shot taken from the home page of "America's Most CrustedTrusted Name in News".

Click image to enlarge.

Weird. Just the other day I was thinking about the fact that I don't see enough "blacks at 'works'" either. Nor do I see enough wools on sheeps, or deers eating corns. Comes to thinks of it, everyones has beens actings a bits crazys latelys. Whats is ups withs thats?

I'm not trying to denigrate Rice - I highly, highly doubt that she actually said the word "works" in that sentence. As a matter of fact, I have said before that she is the only person in the current administration that doesn't strike me as completely insane. She is extraordinarily intelligent and actually understands that not all diplomacy involves 2,500 lbs. cluster bombs.

AND - I get editing errors. The frequent malapropism, misspelling, and general idiocy that shows up on this blog should be evidence of that enough. But for Maude's sake...that headline had been posted for 43 minutes before I saw it. Not to mention the fact that I don't have an editor on my weblog payroll. Hell, do you have any idea how much it costs to keep such a highly sophisticated and technologically advanced free website running? I didn't think so.

(Is that bike story national news worthy, BTW?)

UPDATE: I just now noticed the headline in the image above the link which prompted this post. "Palin's talk at church draws scrutiny". You can even get that on a cool CNN t-shirt (That's Crusted News Network). I don't see why...

Oh yeah. That's right...maybe because it reminds people of one of the final scenes in "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". What the hell? Jeremiah Wright was at the forefront of the national media's attention for weeks if not months, and the fucknecks at CNN have the audacity to ask whether or not it's fair to question Palin's former (and current for all we know) extremely draconian Christian zealousness? Stupid liberal media!

*Also edited for style.

Let's get this straight.

Helping out this guy:

and this guy:

A conservative's idea of the government's responsibility.

Helping out this guy:

or this guy:

That's a conservative's idea of wasteful spending.

Any questions?

(I know I sure as hell have a few!)


Sweet Fancy Moses...

...that last post may have been the corniest thing I've ever written. Until now:

You're not in duck confit. Liar.

Wow! I apologize - it's Sunday, I'm tired, and I'm trying to save my politicking for the coming week. Frick, I gotta get a life. Night.

I'd be remiss not to write something today.



Caribou Barbie's* Thriftiness+.

+(It's like "truthiness" only it's a real word.)

Here's a cute little chart from Think Progress (fuckin' commies!) concerning McMayor Palin's ability to acquire federal funds, per capita, for one of the smallest most important towns in the country (My inner Neocon: It's close to R-U-S-S-I-A! And Russia just took over Georgia (according to the homolibislamofascist media) a few weeks ago. The fucking "Peach State" you hippies. Which is rather disconcerting because I'm quite certain that Ft. Benning (and thusly the Ranger Training Brigade) is located in that state. What's next...South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky? If those red sons-a-bitches get to Myrtle Beach it's all over - I'll have to start flying to Vegas to find a decent strip club, pawn shop, mens' airport restroom and golf course within the same area code - I don't have that kind of money people patriots. The second amendment has been left untouched for a reason, folks, and it's not because the Republicans are afraid of their base; or the fact that we MUST have the ability to hunt chipmunks and quail with fully-automatic weapons if we so chose - It has been left untouched for specifically this type of situation - so get your shit together and let's get our asses down to GA and stop those Stalinist bastards in their tracks! Whose with me???!!! WOLVERINES!!!)

(I never thought I'd say this - hell, I didn't even think it was possible, but my hometown, which is ten miles away from my family's farm, has more people in it than Wasilla, AK. And before I get a load of hooey - I don't actually frequent strip clubs, which most of you probably know. It's a principled thing - I just don't see the point. Let me qualify that: Where's the excitement in looking at a naked woman that you're never going to have any kind of relationship with? Again, way too much coffee and information. Mea Culpa.)

*Yep. Once again, I have pilfered from TBogg. But c'mon - Caribou Barbie is just too precious not to use.


Oy vey!

(Image via Attaturk via Watertiger)

1) My brain hurts now, and it's not even 8:30 a.m. yet.

2) At least we know that that guy has some relatives that can take care of him when he gets fired for filling in the circle beside "not enough information" the next time he's asked to spell "cat" - namely, this "moran":

Oh, I have an idea for a new McSame/McMayor campaign slogan:

"The Mavrick and The MoranTM"

Yeah, that's right. I trademarked that shit. Someone's gonna have to pay big time if they want to use that one.

UPDATE: Frick. TBogg beat me to the "moran" reference. However, I still think that trademark is legit.


Some of us have teaspoons*...

...these guys have soup ladles.


More picture fun (or not).

(via TBogg)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who finds it colossally unsettling that John McCain is man-handling one of Sarah Palin's children like fucking Geppetto fondling Pinocchio. And is that Cindy on the far right or is 9iu11iani in drag again?

These people are really starting to freak me out!

I feel like pictures today.

For everyone out there who grew up in the middle of nowhere like myself - where things like hunting and fishing kept you from getting into serious trouble as a kid (and an adult) - I give you this picture (via McClatchy)...

That's CWO Scott Henry, custodian of the Baghdad School of Fly Fishing. And I say, "More power to him." Except there's one small problem, that is not a fly fishing rod. And for someone who prides himself on many years spent learning the intricacies and nuances of fly fishing, it's a bit of a slap in the face. My five year old niece can put a lure or worm on the end of a regular fishing rod and catch fish for crap's sake, but it takes a helluva lot of time and patience to become an even half-way decent fly fisher(person).

Yes, after a B.S. and a M.S. and two more years spent on a PhD at a major university (and hopefully not too many more), I still have some Podunk, hick blood left in me. And for added fun/self-embarrassment, A River Runs Through It is one of my favorite movies. So there - laugh away.

(I'm pretty sure I've drank too much coffee this morning.)

Goodwin's Law Be Damned! (Updated)

Because I'm feeling juvenile this morning...

AND (Courtesy CNN)...


UPDATE: How could I have forgotten this one earlier?

That's Mr. Justin Pitt for those of you who don't have a potential mentally handicapping Seinfeld obsession. It's also one more reason why I don't trust pens - they're Nazi sympathizers.



via McClatchy

Palin files ethics complaint against self in 'troopergate'

That's about all I can say is "Yep".

Oh, and one more thing: With all the news from yesterday and the past week, I have to ask, "What the hell is going on up there in Alaska?" I'm really starting to question the sanity of some of these folks. I'm looking at you "Tubes" Stevens.


Sweet Jeebus (Updated)...

...what a steaming pile of horseshit the Republican National Convention has already become. Rather than focus on one specific turd, I thought I'd throw out some highlights as to the goings on during the first 24 hours at the place where democracy goes to die. Let's see:

- Democracy Now's Amy Goodman has been arrested, along with two of her producers (who literally were charged with felonies), for doing her (their) job. I'm so pissed about this I should probably stop here - you can find out more information at the link.

- KO has been pulled from MSNBC's coverage of the RNC to cover hurricane Gustav from his New York desk. The AP is reporting that:

"Keith Olbermann was pulled from St. Paul to anchor MSNBC’s storm coverage from New York, with his seat beside Chris Matthews filled by David Gregory. Capus said political considerations had nothing to do with that move; Olbermann has been sharply critical of the GOP."

Right. If you believe that, I think we should get together and talk about this bridge I have for sale - I can give you a really good deal on it.

- Uhhh?

That image alone will be the sole source of my nightmares for the next ten years. By the way, Laura Bush actually had the gall to say the line "now is not the time for partisan politics". That's right. The woman who is married to the man, who has run the most partisan administration in modern history is claiming that partisanship is bad. Laura, honey - where the hell have you been for the past eight years?

Okay, three is enough for now. I gotta get to work, but be sure to check back as I am sure that this week will deliver several more moments of fucktastic fuckery from the Redumblicans.

UPDATE: It doesn't look like I'm going to be able to get any work done this week. Please, if you do one thing today, please, please, please go read this Wonkette post. It is a veritable gold mine of man-on-man closeted Republican homosexuality. On a side note - is it weird that my "gay" vocabulary has increased ten-fold from reading stories about members of the "Party of Family Values" getting caught in compromising situations?