(no doubt...The General)

So is RC Cola! Drink Coke or you're queer! Also (I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing of this):


Mother of Mercy...

...this is just embarrassing. I used to derive some pleasure from watching groups of disjoint right-wing fools make asses of themselves, but now it's just starting to hurt.

At that protest we have one lady suggesting that Letterman will "rape your children with his mouth" while some guy is arguing against the dangers of socialism as he is flailing around in what I can only assume is an attempt to caricature the African American woman he was arguing with as some kind of 80's sitcom persona (Oh no he dit-int!). Ass. Another woman is questioning why we aren't talking about Letterman's "bastard son" and his "slut" wife at a protest in support of Sarah Palin, whose daughter just gave birth to a BASTARD SON A FEW MONTHS AGO!!! If your head is starting to hurt you are not alone - a little piece of my brain just crawled out of my nose and punched me in the eye for making it process this nonsense. I can't make this shit up. These folks are that fucking dumb.

On my new favorite quote list:

"You can‘t win arguments with people who don‘t deal in facts."

- Rachel Maddow

She was discussing the continued futile attempts by members of the former administration to justify their "enhanced interrogation techniques" by claiming that such methods were useful in obtaining information that prevented further attacks on U.S. interests.

Their poster child, Khalid Sheik Mohammed, has now admitted to making up stories about bin Laden in order to prevent more torture. C&L's Videocafe has more.