You Win

(via encore une fois, le general)

Watch, as this American Patriot, decimates Democrats with a contraposition fortified with so much rationale that the dissertation renders itself logically impenetrable.

Obama = ACORN ; Democrat = IDIOT Q.E.D.

(And no, not quantum electrodynamics - I'm sure he's waiting for his next you tube video to tackle that brain bender.)

To top it off, this man further demoralizes me, Idiot Democrat, by acknowledging his stutter and then inviting me to poke fun at it. In doing so, he removes the impetus driving the one thing more than any other that I would have proffered as a counter to his assertion that Obama is ACORN - my ability to fall back on grammar school bullying to make a point.

Anyone can say, "Prove it." or "Do you have any evidence to back up your claim that Obama is ACORN?", but those arguments are predictable and someone of such magnificent genius as this fellow in the video above more than likely has thousands of hours of Glenn Beck Tivoed that he would no doubt reference as proof of his claim.

However, by acknowledging his stutter he undercuts the only argument that could stand a chance against his superior induction skills, which also happens to be the argument I would have relied on to cast doubt into the minds of the millions of Idiot Democrats who will no doubt switch party affiliation after watching this masterpiece of expostulation:

"If one stutters, one is lying."

I'll be slinking off to the corner now to cry myself back to sleep.

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Barry Coidan said...

I am surprised that you bothered to spend any time on this. He's either drunk,sad or mad.

PS I noticed it was too much for his dog which sulked off towards the end.

Nice blog!