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This is from an email exchange that I've been having this morning with a friend regarding Obama's winning the Nobel Peace Prize, which I am admittedly happy about. But I don't think we need to declare a national holiday and go dancing in the streets. Here is what I had to say earlier:

I could give a shit less about all of this...the thing that I’m hoping for is that the right (Fox and the like) will get so fucking hyperbolically busy shitting in their cereal about this award that they will start concentrating on how this is some sort of global conspiracy to make George W. Bush look bad (which he did a pretty good job of that himself), and they will stop spreading misinformation and flat out lying about health care reform. Then perhaps we can actually get something done about it.

It’s like when I was a kid and I was trying to do something and my dog wouldn’t let me alone: I would get one of his toys and start playing with it myself making him jealous. Then after a bit I would let him get it from me and he would go away feeling super proud and making a big spectacle of the fact that he now had the toy and he would leave me alone so I could get whatever I was trying to do finished.

That’s what I see here: Here Glenn, Rush, Bill, Sean...go froth at the mouth over this for awhile so we can actually get something done without you turning it into Obama wants a senior citizen genocide.

Personally, for once I'm looking forward to hearing what the right wing has to say about all of this. It's surely going to make for an interesting few weeks.

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